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Although a security breach like the one that afflicted Hotmail right before the advent of the new millennium is unlikely in today’s day and age, there is still a very strong likelihood that you may find your Hotmail account hacked one day.

Hotmail is one of the first webmail services in the world and the one which heralded freedom from ISP-based mail. But in 1999, the email service was beleaguered with problems when hackers demonstrated that anyone could log into a Hotmail account using the word, ‘eh’.

Like we said, earlier, that was a one-off incident and unlikely to happen today but Prtech still believes in leaving nothing to chance and has wide range of Hotmail support services for its clients. So, in case you have a ‘Hotmail password forgot’ problem or you simply need to connect with Hotmail customer care, we have all the technical know-how to solve your problems related to Hotmail (now known as Outlook.com).

Call us if you need you need to have a Hotmail password change or a Hotmail password recovery and Prtech will do its best to turn it around in the shortest time frame possible.

Contact us: Call our toll free number +1-877-763-1187

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