24*7 Support
Our Certified Technician will quickly detect and remove errors from your PC remotely via the internet. We run a genuine system scan to make sure your valuable data is protected from online hacks or from malicious programs. We provide our best 24x7 computer support.
Get instant support from Certified Antivirus Technician by Prtech. We'll help you setup antivirus and configure apps as per your needs. Also we will do install and application updates to ensure smooth functioning of your antivirus software.
We can help you fix any printer errors and do print customization to make it more more user friendly. Also we will help you update and fix printer drivers. Updating device has never been so easy.
Is your Windows PC not responding ? Chat us and we will help you resolve all microsoft issues:
  • No Display / Blank Screen / Blue Dump Error
  • Touch screen not responding
  • Application do not start or freezes

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Recently Resolved Issues
  • PC not starting/booting again and again
  • Virus detection and removal
  • Printer not working
  • Slow Booting computer
  • Documents not open
  • Windows update error
  • Printer installation and troubleshooting
  • Microsoft Outllook not working